Wednesday, March 08, 2006

School's Out (A3+ R) gets 2nd and 3rd ascent!

The Aid climbing revival continues with the 2nd and third ascent of School's out, at Orroral Ridge, Canberra.

Last Saturday Night after work Mr Max got the 2nd ascent after tentatively trying the first few placements the thursday before. It took me a couple of hours in the end and was my first taste of hard aid climbing. Cheers to Marcus Morley for the belay and words of aid wisdom! On sunday morning we got an early start and Marcus Blitzed the route in a little over an hour...

The route is right next to Vertigo at Tower Rocks. It features dodgy pin stacks, a RURP and a pecker for the bottom half, all bodyweight over a crap landing, then you get a good bolt; 3 bat hooks another bolt, then 4 bathooks to the top! First put up by Chris Fitzgerald (to the bolt) and Scott Young (hooked to the top), the first continous ascents were by Chris Fitzgerald and Nathan Kookienameness????

Hope fully the vibe will spread far and wide and Aiding will come back IN!