Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Baptiste Colliaux Loves his new Woodie!

We'll that crazy frenchie 'big baby bappers' (BAPS) totally loved bouldering when he was over staying in Asutralia. Here he is having fun on my dodgy home roof cave I had when I was in Canberra Last year

What a fucking pssssycho move eh mate!

Me and bappers had an awesome time at Fontainbleu, but we failed to impress any of the babes while we were there; they were much better climbers than us, and just didn't seem interested. Anyway now Baps has decided to get stronger than anyone else in the world, and to do this he needs his own bouldering wall!


That is not actually our hero Baps on the wall, thats his little brother Rafael!

I know it looks like a bad wall because there are only 2 holds, but that is the single hardest move ever done by mankind. Baptiste assures me that with those two holds he can get stronger than any man alive!
Go bappers!