Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Builiding a Hangboard is Easy!

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I decided that doing finger rolls with a barbell wasn't going to cut it for finger strength, so i thought I'd build a hangboard. I'm so paranoid I'll lose all the (albiet very little) finger strength I got living at arapiles!

Anyway hangboards are overpriced and making your own is easy. so do it!

I just got a big 1" thick peice of plank, nailed another 1'thick peice to the top and then sawed off different angles (its got three pairs of different slopers!) the I took a gouger thing and maybe a pair of 2 finger pockets (you can kindof see them) I'm going to add a pair of three finger pockets as well. Then I nailed on a 3/4" edge for crimping. Theres a couple of little holes to put my Ice axes in so I can train the 'hammer' style grip used Ice climbing and its pretty much there!

I still need to add a couple of pinches and another sized edge, and Im currently making another board which is an adjustable crack, so I can practise different Jams!

Oh yeah, I put the rings in the top so i can hang it off a beam or tree, but it hangs at a funny angle, so I guess I'll bolt it up somewhere. The ring at the bottom is for attaching some bungee cord to make some hangs easier because I'm weak!

If anyone else has made a home board, or gets inspired to do so, let me know!
Happy training,