Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blue Lake Ice 13-14 Aug '05

The first trip report for the site...

Well after spending the best part of the winter searching for new experiences around parliament house canberra (inside joke) and finding that source of fun drying up, It was thought to be about time to go Ice Climbing.

Now Australia isn't exactly known for it's winter climbing possibilities, but sure enough, along with the kangaroos we do have the odd bit of Ice. Scattered around the Australian Alps are various places where one can go play in winter, but we we're headed to Blue Lake. Having rock climbed on the wonderful granite in summer I was hoping to climb some of the easier summer rock climbs in winter.

I set out around 7pm on Friday Night, with the irrepresible Marcus Morley at the helm. unfortunately the drive got longer and longer as we first had to stop to get snow chains, then hire snow shoes, then we got a speeding ticket.... Anyway we got to the Guthega car park at around midnight, and decided we couldn't be bothered getting our sleeping bags out of the bottom of our (already packed) packs. Ever resourseful we managed to sleep by taking the cover of the car seats and wearing them like furry sheepskin jackets. Lovely!

An Early start

Blue lake 13-140805 004
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Photo of me!

The Blue Lake cirque